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​​​​Now & Zen is a peaceful escape for rebooting the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy a unique range of relaxing and rejuvenating professional services to enhance your overall well being.  We offer a wide range of services featuring Customized Facial and Back Treatments, Advanced Skin Care, Intuitive Guidance, Holistic Healing and Spiritual Balancing.

Our nurturing wellness spa serves in providing the best customized services and exclusive handcrafted products made from all natural and organic flowers, herbs and powders.

We intuitively customize every treatment for you!
 You can tailor your treatment to suit your needs, lifestyle and comfort. 

Your mind, body and spirit will be pampered and 

healed with the gifts provided by Mother Nature!

We take pride in our products so they will benefit our customers through exceptional performance and also benefits the local people and small business from which the product's ingredients are sourced. Our "green" ingredients are derived from plants and nature and do not contain petroleum, toxic chemicals or harmful ingredients and we avoid certain types of chemical processing.  They are sourced from organic, natural and sustainable or renewable origins. Please click the "Exclusive Products" tab for more information.  

What We Do...

Blending Beauty, Nature and Wellness

Louis Rocco is a General Manger of Cooperative, who is dedicated to providing the highest quality organic medicine, service, education and experience to qualified New Mexico cannabis patients which is accomplished through a caring, trusting, and knowledgeable approach focused on a patient’s specific medical conditions.  Rocco was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He relocated several times due to his service in the United States Navy.  Rocco moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1995, where he pursued a career in the Gaming Industry, where he mastered his technical skills and gained extensive management and customer service experience.  After 15 years, Rocco returned to his home town of Albuquerque to reconnect with family and friends including his five grandchildren.  Rocco became a patient in the NM Cannabis Program in 2011 to acquire therapeutic grade cannabis necessary to alleviate his pain and to eliminate the need for pharmaceutical medications with debilitating side effects.   After he became a patient, he was passionate to make his primary focus on educating people within the program on the many benefits of cannabis and how to use it as a natural alternative to narcotics.  He became a manager at a local dispensary where he was responsible for overseeing day to day operations and successfully built and enhanced patient relationships.  His patients rave about their experiences when they seek him out for treatments because of his outgoing, positive personality and superb patient care.  He also owns Rocco’s Now & Zen holistic spa and wellness with his wife, Lora Rocco. In this capacity, he has taken his desire for a “green” approach to health and wellness and designs and creates all natural, organic products including their exclusive Healing Hemp Salve.  

Lora Rocco became a licensed Cosmetologist in Las Vegas, NV in 2003 and received her Instructor Cosmetology License in 2007. She worked at Aveda Institute NM where she trained and studied Ayurveda and a holistic approach to skin care.  Lora has a blend of experience, teaching at top-notch educational institutes and working in high-end salons and spas.  She has obtained Certifications in Advanced Reflexology, Aveda Skin Care Educator, Aveda Makeup Educator, Advanced Massage Techniques, Aveda Color and Cutting and many more.

Lora loves teaching and educating people on the benefits of a holistic approach to caring for their mind, body and spirit.  When these three aspects are balanced and in harmony, it promotes radiant beauty inside-out.    

She is so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you on your journey to beauty and wellness.  It is extremely rewarding to see the amazing changes in her clients after just a few visits.